Our Board of Directors

Brent Carter


Brent’s spiritual journey started with the Lord Jesus Christ during college and has been an exciting “rest/run” ever since.

Brent graduated from Oregon State University with a bachelor of science in Geology and minor in Civil Engineering. He began his professional career with the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation soon after graduation and continued in successively responsible positions for 42 years, retiring as Chief Geologist of the Pacific Northwest Region. Work experience was much diversified in reconnaissance, planning, pre-construction, construction, operations and maintenance, and safety of dams’ investigations on a variety of projects and structures throughout the Western States and Alaska. His responsibilities included complex geotechnical, exploration, instrumentation, seismotectonic, ground water, and hazardous waste programs of field investigations requiring technical preliminary to final reports for government, state, and private organizations.

Brent was selected as one of four initial members of the first engineering-oriented underwater inspection teams in Reclamation (also the USA). For over 38 years he participated in and directed routine to very problem specific underwater studies of dams and their appurtenances, utilizing Commercial Diving Gear, Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV), and SCUBA, throughout the contiguous Unites States and Alaska. He was Reclamation Diving Officer for 15 years.

Brent has had the opportunity to give numerous technical presentations on varied geotechnical and structural underwater inspection/documentation topics to professional organizations throughout the United States.

Currently Brent serves as Chairman of two non-profit organizations, Foundations in Genesis of Idaho/Oregon (FIGI), and Child Evangelism Fellowship (CEF) of Idaho. He is a consulting engineering geologist and diving specialist for underwater investigations of dams, a licensed geologist, engineering geologist, and licensed commercial diver

Stan G. Lutz

Founder – Curator and Director

Stan has a diverse background in practical, scientific endeavors from early childhood. He was raised on a farm, and owned his own, where he raised hay, feed grains, and pigs, immediately after graduation from high school. His walk with the Lord began in his early youth. At age 13 he began questioning and trying to reconcile science and the Bible. Through in-depth studies he soon learned the Bible and science are entirely compatible, and a life-long thirst for Biblical creation science was initiated. Farming continued for 28 years before a disabling back injury in late 1999, which forced him, under OWCP opportunities, to pursue schooling in the field of Medical Assistance opportunities.

Besides his multi-faceted education in farming, Stan completed two years of schooling in Medical Assisting at Yakima Valley Community College, Yakima, Washington, and numerous course studies in creation science topics from Creation Science Evangelism Institute in Pensacola, Florida. He has completed overseas missionary/expedition studies in Siberia, Russia, and Peru, South America, teaching, preaching, and learning the evidence of creation science in those respective areas of the world.

Stan’s experiences within the continental United States are quite varied in preparation for museum curator oversight; such as, working at the Mt. Blanco Fossil Museum, Crosbyton, Texas, and at the Creation Evidence Museum, Glen Rose, Texas, assisting in fossil excavations, preparation of fossils, documentation of finds by video and mapping, making detailed fossil replicas, studying the routes of both the Missoula and Bonneville Floods, and studying the Mount St. Helens terrain from the time of eruption in 1980 to the present.

For the last 10 years Stan has devoted time to teaching Biblical creation science in churches, Christian schools, leading creation seminars and bus tours. He currently works at Northwest Science Museum.

Douglas J. Bennett


Doug was raised in a Christian home on a farm in Southern Idaho. He accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior at an early age. Doug also developed a love of science at an early age. By age 14 he was a lecturer at Herrett’s Museum and Planetarium. He built his own telescope at age 16, worked for a summer at Lubbock Lake Project archaeological dig in Texas at age 18, and over the years has acquired an extensive rock and fossil collection.

Doug attended Boise State University where he received bachelor of science degrees in Geology (1982) and Earth Science Education (1990). He also received a master’s degree in Engineering Geology in 1996.

Doug started his career as a geologist by hiking the mountains and deserts of the Pacific Northwest mapping and sampling the rocks for precious metal deposits.

Doug is currently employed as an engineering geologist. His responsibilities as a geologist involve a wide range of activities and assignments in engineering geology related to safety of dams, construction of dams and structures, and operation and maintenance of structures. He performs surface and subsurface geotechnical studies and exploration programs utilizing diamond drill, power-auger, test pits, tunnels, and other processes to secure data for seismotectonic, ground‑water, and other special studies of dams, reservoirs, canals, tunnels, spillways, power plants, and related structures. He has conducted detailed geotechnical studies of dam foundations exposed during construction projects, including foundation preparation, compaction and dynamic consolidation, and installation of seepage and/or drain systems. One of the more enjoyable aspects of his duties has been conducting detailed geotechnical studies of both active and stable landslides.

All of Doug’s work has required the preparation of technically comprehensive geotechnical reports to describe geological conditions and interpretations of those conditions for engineering purposes, and illustrating them with maps, cross sections, photographs, narratives, or other suitable means.

Doug is also a member of the National Association of Engineering Geologists, a licensed professional geologist, and a registered engineering geologist. He has spoken nationally and internationally in the engineering geology field with trips to Japan and South Africa.

Doug teaches classes in Creation/Evolution at his home church (Calvary Chapel) in Boise, Idaho where he has attended for the last 32 years. He has spoken nationally and internationally on creation geology with mission trips to Haiti, Mexico, England, Italy and Peru. He also speaks at area schools, churches, and family camps on the topics of origins, rocks, fossils, and dinosaurs

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