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Wings of the Museum

North American Animals

    This wing would house animals found in North America. These animals are all part of the diverse wildlife on display in the spectacular North American Wildlife dioramas. North America has an amazing variety of species, due to its array of ever-changing environments. Full body mounts in panoramic vistas with painted backgrounds.

Birds of the World

   Sanctuaries and preserves play an important role in preserving natural settings for all kinds of wildlife. This collection of scenes highlights several of these special places across this hemisphere. Full body mounts in panoramic vistas with painted backgrounds.

Explore Idaho

Idahos vertical profile means it has a diverse range of ecosystems, from the desert and prairie grasslands to high alpine tundra. Full body mounts in panoramic vistas with painted backgrounds.

Other possible exhibits would include wildlife from: Australia, Africa, Asia

Idaho Gems and Minerals

Gems, Minerals & Rocks Tunnel beneath the earth in a re-created mine and examine a host of colorful crystals and minerals found both locally and globally. Idaho is called the gem state. And Idaho is first in the country in production of silver. In addition to silver mining, gold, lead, zinc, and copper are all produced in Idaho. This exhibit would showcase the amazing gems and minerals that have been found in Idaho.

World Gems and Minerals

A collection of gems and minerals from all over the world.

Petrified Wood

World class petrified wood slabs/rounds explaining how the wood becomes fossilized and how it is interpreted Biblically. Mt. St. Helens evidence of petrified trees.

History of Life - Dinosaurs

     Travel through time starting about 6000 years ago. Your journey begins with the 6 days of Creation. Travel through the total cataclysmic events of the flood, the dispersion of animals and people after the flood at the tower of Babel, and on to the present day.

Ever since the first dinosaur fossil was identified almost 200 years ago, people have wondered how these fascinating animals lived, moved and behaved. At first, dinosaur hunters used only such tools as a keen eye, shovels and compasses. Today, scientists also rely on everything from satellite technology to scanning electron microscopes.
Prepare to take a journey of discovery into the exciting world of modern paleontology. New dinosaur fossils are being discovered faster than ever before. Advanced technology allows scientists to look at these fossils in fresh ways. And researchers are gaining surprising insights into these amazing animals. New discoveries, new technology and new ideas are helping today’s scientists piece together what these living, breathing dinosaurs were really like. Fossil reconstructions of Dinosaurs and how they are interpreted Biblically

Ice Age Animals

Great ice sheets cover much of the continent. Huge, strange animals roam the cold, windswept plains. You have entered North America about 4000 years ago. This is the Ice Age! Fossil reconstructions of ice age animals and how they are interpreted Biblically.

Evolution of Man

Display of all the supposed ancestors of man with an interpretation from a Biblical point of view about what each is. Also discusses the problems and misinformation of each link

The Missing Links - Transitional Fossils

Displays of the supposed transitions fossils. These would be the best evidence that evolution has to offer. Discusses the problems and misinformation of each link.

Grand Canyon (and Bryce/Zion Canyons)

     Dr Walter Brown describes the canyon as:

The Grand Canyon is the best and most famous earth science laboratory in the world. Although a few canyons are deeper and longer or steeper or wider, none can compare with the Grand Canyons scenic variety, massiveness, beauty, and three-dimensional exposure. It is 216 miles long and 4-18 miles wide, and averages 1 mile in depth. Writers describe the canyon in such lofty terms as: magnificent, majestic, stupendous, inspirational, sublime, breath-taking, awesome, spellbinding, and earths greatest celebration of Geology. The first reaction of most visitors to the canyon (4,500,000 each year) is stunned silence.

The exhibit would describe the formation of each area in accordance with the Bible and reveal the testimony of the judgment of God.

Space - Explore the Cosmos

A look at the universe and the incredible structure and design in the planets, stars and galaxies. It would discuss the facts that are not being taught that refute evolution.

Formation of the Solar System This exhibit would reveal the unique circumstances that had to occur to form the solar system. There would also be individual exhibits on each of the planets and their uniqueness, as well as other objects such as comets.

Ooparts - Out of Place Artifacts

“Out-of-place” artifacts constitute one of the most damaging evidences against evolution. What are ooparts? These are artifacts that dont fit the evolutionary scheme of history. Ooparts are either out of place historically or technologically. They refute evolution. How do you determine if an artifact is an oopart? If the artifact should not be there according to the preconceived ideals of evolution it is an oopart.

Why dont we hear more about ooparts? Because these artifacts show that the history of the world according to evolution is wrong. So the secular world tries to sweep them under the carpet, or puts them in the realm of the unbelievable in the section the paranormal same place where you find the UFOs. The evolutionists go to great lengths to condemn and ridicule these artifacts. They cannot allow them to be legitimate artifacts or evolution crumbles.

Dating Techniques

This exhibit would discuss the evolutionary dating techniques, their assumptions and problems; it would also discuss of the evidence for a young earth. Results from the RATE research group would be presented.

Open Exhibit

This would be an open exhibit hall that would book traveling exhibits. They would not have to be creation exhibits but would have additional info about the exhibit from a Biblical perspective. Examples would be:

Titanic Artifacts

Mythic Creatures: Dragons, Unicorns & Mermaids

The Horse

Snakes Alive!

The First Europeans: Treasures from the Hills of Atapuerca


Possible - North American Indian Cultures

Among North Americas native peoples, the rich diversity in traditional and modern life ways reflects the distinctive regional influences of environment and materials. Shelter, food, clothing, transportation, tools are all basic human needs satisfied in different ways by different cultures. Oral histories from these tribes reflect events recorded in the Bible.

Additional Features

Chapel This would be a small chapel within the museum that people could go to and seek counseling, or more information about the Creator of the Universe. This would be staffed by a pastor and volunteers and/or Bible Students as part of their curriculum. The head pastor would also be in charge of daily Bible studies for the staff.

Bookstore This would be a store stocked with creation science books, items and souvenirs.

Food Court This would be a smallish caf that could serve folks lunch items and drinks. This would also mean an eating area. Proposed is a herbarium type picnic area for seating—a green house type area that has a very wide array of tropical plants, waterfall, sound effects etc.

Lecture Hall This would be an auditorium that could hold up to 150 people. This would be used for lectures, classes, and special meetings. It would be equipped with the latest audio/visual equipment, sound and lighting.

About The Museum

The Northwest Science Museum
of Boise is a 501(c)3 non-profit
educational museum chartered
for the purpose of researching
and displaying scientific
evidence for creation.

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