Understanding the Universal Energy

About the Universal Energy

There is one Universal energy that we can call God, Allah, Ram, Parmatma, Hari, Lord of the Universe; Nature or some other name we pick. That energy is consistent; it cannot be initiate nor obliterate. In any case, this energy can change over endlessly matter can change over once more into energy. Thusly, everything is emerge out of this energy and returns to this energy. All matter is a structure emerge from shapeless Energy. The imagination is limitless and the strategy for self-inventiveness is a genuine marvel. When we check out the creation and development of living organic entities. A researcher can’t deny the sensation of being surprise at Nature’s totally remarkable. And most insightful work of self-creation into all the muddled living things including an individual in an enormously smart and coordinated way. This reminds me of Albert Einstein when he said “God doesn’t play dice with the world”. We might reword the above disclosure that “The Creator is in the Creation, and the Creation is in the Creator”. That’s the reason it is difficult to see God since He dwells in us. Since we and God are one, we clearly can’t see God, similarly as, for example, an eye can’t see itself. This resembles individual waves are important for a similar sea or individual beams are essential for a similar Sun. That is a definitive truth.

How to Realise the Reality?

The person who understands this reality has no hostility. Since we are emerge from a similar source. That is the reason “On the off chance that we don’t see God altogether. We can’t see God by any means.” If we don’t see others as a foe; then there is likewise no trepidation. Dread is the result of others. One who understands this reality isn’t just without hostility and dread. However, isn’t apprehensive about going downhill or biting the dust youthful. Likewise not terrified of rebirth or damnation or paradise. Yet, such acknowledgement comes just to rare sorts of people who are honour. And make a good attempt to understand this reality. That is an acknowledgement of God.

One more method for taking a gander at a similar perspective is; many of us have asked is God: “We invest an excess of energy in accepting what we don’t have any idea. The people who put stock in God; God is the actual centre of our being, it is like stripping an onion and arriving at that focal nothingness, which is God. The entire is God.” The universe and God are one. There is no leftover portion in the arithmetic of vastness. All life is one; hence, there can’t be God and man, nor a universe and God. A divine being not on the planet is a bogus god, and a world not in God is stunning. Everything return to one, and one works on the whole.

“God is neither Human Statue nor any Religion God. God is the Electromagnetic beat of energy that gives life and lives inside all.”